« Producing fragrances is our profession ;

Excellence is our ambition ;

and Nature is our commitment. »

Régis Lelong, CEO 


Located in the very dynamic Agropole zone near Agen, Parfums par Nature is a small independent French company that is confident in the future of sincere green cosmetics.

Parfums par Nature is part of the “Usine du Futur” programme co-funded by the Nouvelle Aquitaine region as part of the French Fab project to boost the region’s industries.

The teams produce on behalf of third parties, and offer a complete range of services, from concept to product.


Our solution combines creativity, expertise and quality with a high production capacity in the respect for human and environmental values.


To being the factory of the future

Committed to better producing and to respecting our environment.

Parfums par Nature has been making this claim for nearly ten years, and does everything in its power to live up to it. Our production site complies with HQE (High Quality Environmental) standards.


A few examples of our commitments to you and to the environment include: product eco-design, waste reduction, pollution prevention, production waste and rinse liquid recuperation, waste water processing before discharge, etc.

The Ambition for excellence

Everyone at Parfums par Nature is enthusiastic.

Driven by the same motivations, the team works on a daily basis to uphold our commitments and to satisfy you throughout every step of the project.


Parfums par Nature is proud to observe the specifications for “High Quality Environmental” standards.

  • Positive energy with 2 heat pumps

  • 800m2 (8,611 ft2) of photovoltaic panels

  • Rainwater recuperation

  • Cardboard scrap compaction

  • Fully secure production unit

  • Container deposit system with our glass partners



In the name of quality


BIO COSMOS ORGANIC certification


Protecting workers’ health and safety


« The quality of our ingredients and of our formulas is at the very heart of our objectives. The ambitions of Parfums par Nature are to combine safety specifications with consumer enjoyment and respect while protecting our environment, particularly through eco-friendly packaging. »

Véronique Planchon, Research & Development Director


Our expertise has been recognised for more than 30 years.

we cultivate solid, durable partnerships with local providers to offer you full access to the best packaging articles.

Thus, in the respect for the traditional perfume-making methods, 21 days of maceration are required to guarantee a balanced fragrance structure.

This approach makes it possible to blend all the ingredients in a subtle way.


Particular care is brought to the freezing and filtering steps, which guarantee the stability and consistency of the compositions through time.

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